Our Story

As a Stellenbosch resident, Charl Reyneke often struggled in dealing with people asking him for food and money. When he gave them money, it sometimes bothered him to see the same person spending the money on destructive habits.

In addition, when he did not give, his conscience bothered him. These encounters were uncomfortable and he tried avoiding them. However, the reality still remained that he also had a desire to help the very people he was trying to avoid.




Can you identify with this?

Heartflow was founded on a calling to give the public an effective alternative to helping beggars and this is exactly what this company aims to do.

As far as possible, we aim to preserve mutual respect and dignity during encounters between people in need and the general public, whilst providing the opportunity for beneficiaries to receive further support.


We believe in the inherent value of all people, providing holistic support through partnering with other non-profit organisations, discouraging a victim mentality, discouraging destructive habits and rewarding progress.

We achieve this in the form of a coupon system. Through giving a coupon, the beneficiary has the opportunity to receive help from partnering organisations (as specified on the coupon), but also help not specified also offered by our partners.

Giving money often does more damage than good (and so does food, believe it or not)! Use a coupon to make a difference in someone’s life.


Light. Caring. Dignifying. True. Friendly.

Through the coupon system, you provide:

Night Shelter


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